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Forton Lake in photographs

I've been photographing the wrecks at Forton Lake - and the beautiful scenery of the area itself - since 2005, when my family moved to Parham Road and I became fascinated by the creek at the end of our new street.
This gallery is a mixture of artistic, creative and also archival work, capturing the essence of the place and cataloguing the maritime history within its bounds.

Ferry posts 01.02.09.jpg
Chain ferry in snow - 6 Apr.jpg
FL6 - 27.09 (1).JPG
Vadne - 28 Jun.jpg
Pinnace 2 - 17 Feb.jpg
FL4 - 22 Aug.jpg
FL15 - 23 Jun.jpg
Minesweeper - 20 Dec.jpg
FL30 - 26 Aug.jpg
Gunboat - 4 Apr.jpg
Inside Vadne - 20 Dec.jpg
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